Digital vs. Offset Printing

Digital vs. Offset Printing

digital vs offset printingDifference Between Digital and Offset Printing

There is a difference between digital and offset printing. Offset printing uses plates, usually made from aluminum, that transfer the image to a rubber “blanket”, and is transferred to the paper. Offset printing is the best choice for larger quantities, colour precision, and crisp clean image quality.

Digital printing lacks the use of plates and instead uses toner(similar to laser printers). The best option is printing digitally if the quantity to run is lower.

While offset is a fantastic way to produce top quality printing projects; many businesses do not run more than 500 pieces and therefore digital printing is the winning choice for most.

The Advantages of Offset Printing:

  • Printing in large quantities are cost effective and lowers the price
  • A large variety of paper types
  • Specific colour inks using the Pantone colour books
  • Highest printing quality with greater detail
  • Longer turnaround time

The Advantages of Digital Printing

  • Setup costs are lower for short runs
  • Quantity printed is as needed
  • Lower minimum quantities
  • Inexpensive black and white printing
  • Improved technology helps digital quality acceptable for most projects

Not sure which option is best?

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